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Moment de Yoga (français)


Ce mois de Juillet, j’ai eu la chance d’enseigner des nouveaux groupes d’élèves. Certains sont des habitués du studio à Anglet où j’ai enseigné depuis Mars, Yoga’ttitude 64, et certains sont des élèves d’une professeure locale ici à Salies, Denise Spencer. J’ai été touchée par l’accueil des autres professeures pour la remplacer pendant ses vacances. …

Balancing the poles;
Yoga Moment

Balancing the poles

During July I’ve been blessed to be able to teach some new groups of pupils. Some are regulars at the studio in Anglet where I’ve been teaching since March, Yoga’ttitude 64. And some are the pupils of a local teacher here in Salies, Denise Spencer. I’ve been touched by the willingness of the other teachers …

Why wear white?;
Yoga Moment

Why wear white?

In yoga, the colour white represents the purification of the self, traditionally worn by students to differentiate themselves from the swamis, the teaching monks, who wore robes of saffron orange. Orange is the colour of spirituality and represents both the sun and fire; the guiding light of the spiritual quest and the transformative power of …

Keeping cool this summer…;
Yoga Moment

Keeping cool this summer…

Temperatures are finally rising and summer is here, whether you’re in the UK or France. The long sunny days and warm nights bring their own challenges, as we find it hard to keep cool. So here’s a little tip for you from the huge yogic area of pranayama, or breathing exercises. Sitali breathing cools your …