Are you hungry for change?

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Lunch!Always on a diet? Did you know that you’re statistically more likely to end up heavier after dieting? And that all those ‘fat-free’ foods are loaded with sugar and chemicals to make them palatable? And that the more processed, packaged food we eat the more we starve ourselves of the essential nutrients our bodies need? No wonder we’re always hungry.

Very rarely do documentaries inspire me to action the way Hungry for Change does. I first saw this enlightening film about nutrition last year with my dear friend Barbara, a fellow graduate of the Rishikesh Yog Peeth yoga school in northern India. It was so exciting we had to keep stopping the film to discuss the ideas and write notes. Geeky yes, but this was the first time we’d heard such a clear, strong message that validated our own ideas and hunches regarding healthy, whole-food eating. Read More →

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