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On the coast… sur la côte…;

On the coast… sur la côte…

Introducing Thursday yoga on the coast with Yoga’ttitude 64 Join me each Thursday (11th July – 29th August) on the beach in Anglet or in the centre of Biarritz for an hour of traditional Hatha yoga. Make the most of the beautiful weather by practicing outside as we join our mats in a circle. Or …

Pouquoi l’«om»?;
Moment de Yoga (français)

Pouquoi l’«om»?

Le mot «om» (qui peut aussi s’écrire «aum») est considéré en yoga être le son primordial de l’univers. Elle représente la totalité de l’existence dans sa forme d’énergie de base. Elle représente la dissolution des limites que nous voyons, entendons et touchons, reliant tous les êtres à leur source fondamentale: l’énergie de l’univers.

Why do we use Om?;
Yoga Moment

Why do we use Om?

The word ‘om’ (which can also be spelt ‘aum’) is considered, in yoga, to be the primordial sound of the universe. It represents the whole of existence in its basic energy form. It represents the dissolving of the boundaries that we see, hear and touch, connecting all beings to their fundamental source: the energy of …

A moment of calm;
Yoga Moment

A moment of calm

In last week’s Yoga Moment I promised to share a practice you can do on your yoga cushion, or ‘zafu’. Here’s a practice that will calm the body and mind, stretching the arms and back, leaving you with a profound sensation of calm. Sitting cross-legged on your cushion allow the lower half of the body …

Pourquoi des coussins?;
Moment de Yoga (français)

Pourquoi des coussins?

Dans la myriade de yoga techniques pratiqué partout dans le monde, dont une partie est toujours certain: la colonne vertébrale doit être droite. C’est pourquoi, au début de chaque classe, nous nous concentrons sur le bas du dos et chaque vertèbre, en essaie de trouver un espace entre les vertèbres et la visualisation des disques …

Sleep tight tonight;

Sleep tight tonight

Isn’t it horrid when you don’t get a good night’s sleep? A friend of mine recently admitted to suffering from serious insomnia, the kind that means she can’t get off to sleep. When I asked her what time she goes to bed she answered with a very French shrug of the shoulders, “no set time”. …

My yoga story;

My yoga story

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I’m taking the day off too, which is rare and challenging when you work freelance. So here’s something from the archive… a post about my personal journey into yoga that was written last summer and published in the British publication Yoga & Health Magazine. Enjoy… namasté. As I sit …

Easy digests it…;

Easy digests it…

Every now and then I suffer from bad digestion. Not indigestion, just total digestion failure… or so it feels! Imagine concrete poured into your stomach that slowly settles its way through your colon and intestines completely blocking the entire region between the ribs and pelvis. It’s not pleasant. Unsurprisingly these periods of ‘blockage’ often appear …