My yoga story

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IMG_1827Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I’m taking the day off too, which is rare and challenging when you work freelance. So here’s something from the archive… a post about my personal journey into yoga that was written last summer and published in the British publication Yoga & Health Magazine. Enjoy… namasté.

As I sit at my makeshift writing desk, shielded from the glare of the alpine sun, my thoughts bounce between the past and the future. How did I come to be here? And where am I going? The answer, which appears more and more in my life, is: yoga.

It’s the discipline of yoga that’s given me the gentle persistence to keep inching towards my dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem to others. And it’s the philosophy of yoga that’s given me the courage to look deep into myself, to stop looking everywhere but inside for the answers I’ve so desperately sought. Read More →

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Every now and then I suffer from bad digestion. Not indigestion, just total digestion failure… or so it feels! Imagine concrete poured into your stomach