Balancing the poles

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IMG_5525During July I’ve been blessed to be able to teach some new groups of pupils. Some are regulars at the studio in Anglet where I’ve been teaching since March, Yoga’ttitude 64. And some are the pupils of a local teacher here in Salies, Denise Spencer. I’ve been touched by the willingness of the other teachers to let me cover their classes while they’re on holiday.

The stories and energy of these new pupils have really inspired me. Some are totally new to yoga and some have a well-established practice. All bring their own bodies, minds and personalities to the classes. And this is the beauty of a discipline that at its core is very strict and simple, allowing us teachers to share it without diffusing it. Of course we choose a different sequence of postures and teaching points, our personalities and our backgrounds dictate these. But within the groundwork of the 12 founding postures of Hatha Yoga and the thousands of other asanas there is a core theme: the connection between the earth and the sky; the sun and the moon. Read More →

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Why wear white?

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In yoga, the colour white represents the purification of the self, traditionally worn by students to differentiate themselves from the swamis, the teaching monks, who

Why do we use Om?

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The word ‘om’ (which can also be spelt ‘aum’) is considered, in yoga, to be the primordial sound of the universe. It represents the whole

Pourquoi des coussins?

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Dans la myriade de yoga techniques pratiqué partout dans le monde, dont une partie est toujours certain: la colonne vertébrale doit être droite. C’est pourquoi,

My yoga story

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Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I’m taking the day off too, which is rare and challenging when you work freelance. So here’s something from

Keeping an open mind…

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Some yoga teachers I know have never practiced any type of yoga other than the one they teach. They are purists, fully committed to the

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Always on a diet? Did you know that you’re statistically more likely to end up heavier after dieting? And that all those ‘fat-free’ foods are

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Every now and then I suffer from bad digestion. Not indigestion, just total digestion failure… or so it feels! Imagine concrete poured into your stomach

Holding space

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Today I was privileged to ‘hold space’ for a new friend and fellow spiritual seeker, yoga enthusiast. Now… let’s just stop right there. Hold space!