Hatha – English

Please note that there are currently no yoga classes in English.  If you’re interested in practicing in your mother tongue, please read the following and get in touch.

I teach Hatha yoga which can be adapted to the needs of the individuals in the group. A class is an hour and a quarter, which includes stretching and strengthening movements, breathing exercises and relaxation.  It can be as gentle or as challenging as the group wants.

Yoga can benefit everyone! You don’t have to be flexible, thin or zen. Ignore all the images you see online!! Yoga is a journey within.  We move, we focus, we relax.  There’s a large emphasis on acceptance of who & where we are.  Focussing our mind on our breath helps us stay present & release our daily lives.

Yoga can help balance and relieve physical, mental and emotional stress.  The exercises and positions move the mind from ‘flight or fight’ into a more relaxed state.  These are the first steps towards a meditation practice & mindfulness is an intrinsic part of the class.

Yoga is a spiritual practice, connecting us back into our unique selves and the light within.  It’s not religious and doesn’t have to impact on any religious or non-religious beliefs.  How far you want to go is up to you.  At the most basic level, yoga helps you feel good about yourself, and who doesn’t want that?!?

To practice we wear comfy clothes, such as leggings or joggers and practice in bare feet, although socks are useful for the relaxation.

I have mats to share and some to sell.  I can also order place group orders if people want particular colours or sizes (some are larger, longer and thicker than the standard mats I use).

Classes take place at Maison Papillon in Sauveterre, which has a beautiful, light dedicated space.

Groups need a minimum of four participants to a maximum of ten, to ensure the quality of teaching and intimacy of the group.

Participants sign-up for each half- term, which is usually 6 or 7 weeks.  The price is 10€/class/person.  Payment is made at the beginning of the half-term by cheque or cash to the association Racines et Etoiles Yoga.  Classes cannot be carried over into the next term, so if a class is missed there is no reimbursement.  This is due to the cost of renting the room and maintaining the group.

There is also an annual joining fee of 10€/person, payable in September.  I’m fully insured to teach yoga and meditation and have two diplomas, as well as experience and qualifications relating to philosophy, anatomy, fitness and teaching.

The possible times for classes in 2020 are 09:15-10:30 or 10:30-11:45 on Mondays OR Tuesdays.  Once we have a minimum of four who can commit to the same time, I can start to publicise the class.

This class will be in English only.  Many of those who are interested in this class have no experience of yoga so it’s important, no matter how good your French, to learn these new techniques in your mother tongue.

Do get in touch if you’d like further information or to discuss if yoga is for you.

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